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          Huanggang Gold Promise Fine Chemicals Company Ltd.
            Dimetridazole sulfate

          Huanggang Gold Promise Fine Chemicals Company Ltd.is a comprehensive hi-tech manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research, production and trade of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

          As an ISO9001:2000 approved company, Jinnuo has senior technicians and leading inspection facilities. Manufactured under the standards of GMP strictly, thus our products now can meet the leading standards in the world. Now, our products are well sold in China and are exported into over 20 countries and region in EU, USA and Southeast Asia.

          Our business is built on the basis of "offering excellent quality and service in good price"; sticking to such idea of "Be honest person and practical business" and tenet of "contract-abiding, trustworthy, mutual benefits, mutual development", we are looking forward to cooperating with clients in pharmaceutical and chemical industry for mutual development.


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          Huanggang Gold Promise Fine Chemicals Company Ltd. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
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